USP Grade Drug/Chemical Standards - Research Diagnostics

Orders for these compounds must be faxed on company purchase order or letterhead to 973-584-0210 and include catalog#, name, quantity, and price

They can ONLY be shipped to Research Facilities (not for public/food/drug or cosmetic use). 



catalog#                Description Size
RDI-U411005       Methimazole 200mg

RDI-U411504       L-Methionine 200mg  

RDI-U412008       Methcarbamol 200mg

RDI-U414003       Methotrexate 500mg

RDI-U415006       Methotrimeprazine 125mg

RDI-U416009       Methoxamine HCl 200mg

RDI-U417001       Methoxsalen 500mg  (backorder 6/98)

RDI-U418004       Methoxyflurane 1ml

RDI-U419007       Methoxyphenamine HCl 250mg

RDI-U421009       Methscopolamine Bromide 200mg

RDI-U422001       Methsuximide 500mg

RDI-U424007       Methyclothiazide 200mg  

RDI-U424506       Methylcellulose 1 Gram

RDI-U426002       Methydopa 500mg

RDI-U427005       Methyldopate HCl 200mg

RDI-U428008       Methylene Blue 500mg

RDI-U430000       Methylergonovine maleate 50mg    New lot  9/97

RDI-U432005       Methylparaben 125mg

RDI-U435003       Methylprednisolone 200mg

RDI-U436006       Methylprednisolone acetate 200mg

RDI-U437009       Methylprednisolone hemisucc 200mg

RDI-U440003       Methysergide Maleate 200mg

RDI-U440808       Metoclopramide HCl 500mg  

RDI-U441006       Metocurine Iodide 300mg

RDI-U441200       Metolazone 200mg

RDI-U441287       Meteprolol Fumarate 200mg

RDI-U441301       Metoprolol Tartrate 200mg

RDI-U441505       Metrizamide 500mg

RDI-U442009      Metronidazole 100mg  

RDI-U443001      Metyrapone 200mg

RDI-U443205      Metyrosine 200mg

RDI-U443250      Mexiletine HCl 200mg

RDI-U443307      Mezlocillin sodium 350mg

30.191.25             Miconazole 500mg $345.00

30.182.15             Miconazole Nitrate 500mg $345.00

RDI-U444004       Minocycline HCl 200mg  

RDI-U444208       Minoxidil 125mg

RDI-U444707       Mitomycin 50mg  $940.00

RDI-U445007       Mitotane 500mg

RDI-U445200       Mitoxantrone HCl 400mg  $940.00

RDI-U445222       Mitoxantone Rel Cmpd A 30mg

RDI-U445459       Molindone HCl 500mg

RDI-U445470       Mometasone furoate 200mg

RDI-U445506       Monobenzone 200mg

RDI-U445481       Monensin Sodium (200mg)

RDI-U446000       Monoglycerides 125mg

RDI-U446950       Moricizine HCL  100mg

RDI-U448504       Moxalactam disodium 500mg

RDI-U448901       Mupirocin 50mg

RDI-U448923       Mupirocin lithium 100mg

RDI-U449008       Myristyl Alcohol 1 Gram

RDI-U449700       Nadolol 200mg

RDI-U450007       Nafcillin sodium 200mg

RDI-U450404       Naftifine HCL  200mg

RDI-U451000       Nalidixic Acid 200mg  

RDI-U453005      Naloxone 125mg