Mab to Human Cytokeratin 18

cat#RDI-PRO61028          $375.00/vial

also available Biotin conjugated: cat#RDI-PRO61528   $438.00/vial 0.25ml

                        FITC conjugated: cat#RDI-PRO61428    $438.00/0.25ml


Clone Determination          Ks 18.04

Category                           Mouse monoclonal

Immunoglobulin Class       IgG1

Purification                        Protein A (recombinant)

Antigen                               Human Cytokeratin 18 from HeLa cytoskeletal preparation


Specificity                         Ks 18.04 represents an excellent marker to discriminate simple epithelia from those of different origin


Application                     Suitable for frozen and parrafin embeded tissue Cytological material

                                         Immunoblotting (Western)

                                         (micorwave release recommended for paraffin)


Storage                            At 2-8 DEG C one year after reconstitution

Quantity                           50 µg (lyoph.) ; contains 0.5% BSA and 0.09% NaN3

Polypeptide Reacting     Mr 45 000 polypeptide ( human cytokeratin 18) of all simple type epithelia and basal cells of many squamous, nonepidermal epithelia


Antigen Recognized in            Human, mouse, rat, bovine, pig, dog,

Species (tested so far)             hamster, sheep, fish (trout)


Reactivities on Cultured          HeLa and MCF-7

Cell Lines (tested so far)

Tumors Specifically Detected   All tested adeno Ca.; mammary CA, urinary bladder CA, undiff CA, cervix CA,

                                                  h epatocellular CA.

Working Dilution                    After reconstitution with 1 ml dist. water, dilute 1:20 with PBS, pH 7.4 for use in

                                                 i mmunohistochemistry

Incubation Time                       1 h at 37 DEG C (extended with paraffin (suggest overnight at 2-8 DEG C)