(Confirmations are not required but if sent MUST be marked AS CONFIRMING).

1)       RDI- Division of researchdIndustries Int'l

         (formerly  Research Diagnostics Inc)

         34 Junction Square Drive



     or      408-780-0908      

-see payment instructions below

** Due to  the nature of these products , it is critical that the proper catalog# ,description ,quantity and price be entered at time of order. If we cannot verify these criteria at time of order, we may refuse verbal orders and require written verification by  fax, mail or email before processing an order.

We strongly encourage faxing orders to USA   408-780-0908

EMAIL:   margaret@cellular-research.com  

web site: http://www.researchd.com

technical service:   tech@researchd.com

NIH purchasers: see our BPA#263-000-45367

Ariba (tm) electronic purchases (please see note below)

2)  Terms: net 30     OR   VISA/MasterCard/AMEX net upon shipment **

     shipping FOB New Jersey, prepaid and add to invoice  
    (approx $35.00/shipment USA, $50.00 Canada, $95.00-$100.00 international)

  -large value or heavy items may require additonal charges. Ariba surcharge

     Partial shipments will have additional charges for shipping  only-no additional handling charges). If partial shipments are  not acceptable, please indicate this at time of placing the order. Canada and international please also indicate your   Federal Express account or United Parcel Service Account for direct billing of duty and taxes in  your country. Additional export charges may be billed for   non routine paperwork.  Animal export permits require an additional $45.00 fee per shipment (charge from USDA  to  stamp document).  It is the recipient's responsibility to notify RDI of all import permits or certifications required  to clear  the order through your customs (currently, Germany and Japan are known to require these permits for certain antibodies)  INTERNATIONAL ORDERs SEE BELOW:

**We will also accept payment via Visa/MasterCard or American Express issued to  either individuals or organizations. Orders must include:

     1)     your card number and expiration date (for american express, also include 4 digit code#  located above the card                    number
      2)    home or institution billing address (full address to which your card is registered, ie. the address to which                                visa/mastercard or american express send you their bill.),
      3)    your phone number
      4)   your complete organization shipping address along with any special markings required for your receving department
      5)   business/lab (delivery address ) phone number.

All orders must be shipped in care of a company, professional organization or research facility.  No items can or will be sent to a known home address.

Charges will not be made until the day of shipment and an original invoice indicating payment will be sent to the registered card billing address For security purposes, we do not recommend including the original charge receipt with your shipment. .

All products unless otherwise indicated are for in vitro research or further manufacturing use only-not for use in or on humans or animals-not for use in diagnostics. We are not responsible for any patent infringements with the use or derivation of these items. Any items failing to meet specifications (as indicated on the product sheet-copies available upon request) will be replaced without charge. Due to the nature of these products, no returns are allowed.

NOTE: PE conjugated antibodies are manufactured by Cymbus Biotechnology U.K. and CLB Reagents and are distributed by RDI for use as an in vitro research reagent not for resale) and are subject to provisions of US patent 4,520,110 European patent 76,695 Canadian patent 1,179,942 & Australian patent 548,440 and others.  

All pricing/spec sheets on this web site are subject to change or withdrawl without notice (if you have a special requirement that a product must have a special buffer, no preservative etc, obtain a custom quotation since buffers, product concentration, and preservatives will change among batches-except for those products indicated as preservative free/entodoxin tested)

. Orders will not be accepted or shipped  at higher pricing unless indicated on your purchase order.  At time of order an approx ship date will be given for the product.  This date is our best estimate given the custom ordered nature of most products. Orders may not be cancelled after entered unless we fail to meet the estimated ship date within 3 business days of the estimated date (as many products are imported delays due to USDA, FDA and US customs may result that are beyond our control). Customers cancelling orders or refusing delivery/charges may be denied further shipments.

Information on Orders and Payment Terms


We accept telephone orders and technical inquiries at our Customer Service and Technical Service Department, Monday-Friday. Office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. If you are calling from the United States or Canada, dial our toll free # 408-780-0908, or dial our switchboard at (978) 371-6446. You can also E-mail your order to: sales@researchd.com   Our internet address is www.researchd.com

The following information will expedite your order:

1.) Billing and Shipping addresses;

2.) Purchase order number;

3.) Catalog number, description of product and the lot or clone number;

4.) Unit of measurement, size and quantity;

5.) If order is not taxable, a resale/tax exemption certificate must be on file.



We encourage customers to simplify ordering by sending a FAX copy of the purchase order. Transmissions are received 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Our FAX # is 408-780-0908.


Minimum Order: $50.00. Please send mail orders to the following address:


Please note that all orders are subject to confirmation by Benen Trading Ltd T/A researchd Industries International: 1, IDA Business Park; Southern Cross Road; Bray; Co Wicklow; Ireland, prior to shipping and invoicing.


All prices are in U.S Dollars. Discounts are available for large/bulk purchases. Please inquire for a quotation. Prices are available in € or Yen on request. Products and prices are correct at date of printing, but are subject to change without notice.


researchd Industries International utilizes overnight air delivery service. All freight charges are sent collect, unless prior arrangements have been made. The shipment of hazardous items is governed by the US Department of Transportation and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Some products may require special packaging and shipping. Items shipped under refrigeration will incur the following additional charges per shipment.

researchd Industries International, Inc. utilizes FedEx air delivery service (or UPS (on special arrangement).

Shipping cost

Domestic        $35.00    

Canada           $50.00  

International   $95.00 (addiitonal charges for high value or heavy weight shipments may apply)

The shipment of hazardous items is governed by the US Department of Transportation and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Some products may require special packaging and shipping.

USA charges are:                         Non USA charges are:

Blue Ice $20.00 per carton         Handling $35.00 per carton

Dry Ice $35.00 per carton           Dry Ice $70.00 per carton

Special Export:         $45.00 per shipment for USDA Certificate, if necessary

Certificate of origin: $40.00 per shipment


researchd Industries International will schedule periodic shipments on any single purchase order. Standing orders for small or larger bulk quantities eliminates the burden of placing frequent repeat orders, while ensuring a constant supply of regularly needed products.


researchd Industries International specializes in bulk orders. Information on bulk orders, not listed in the catalog, is available from our Bulk Product Department.


Payment is due upon receipt of goods, unless prior arrangement has been made. A 1.5% monthly late charge on account balances over 30 days past due will be added to the invoice total from the date of shipment. All shipments are F.O.B. ship point. Please send your payment in U.S. Dollars, originating from a U. S. Bank payable to: researchd Industries International; 1, IDA Business Park; Southern Cross Road; Bray; Co Wicklow; Ireland; Attn: Máire McCarthy. Payment can be wired directly to our bank. Please contact us for current wiring instructions. All wired money is subject to a $25.00 USD bank charge that should be added to your payment. All checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $25.00 USD fee.


No returns can be accepted without prior written approval by researchd Industries International. Only unopened merchandise can be returned. researchd Industries International must be notified within 10 days of your receipt of the product. All shipping costs and a 25% handling fee will be paid by the customer. In certain cases, a reassay fee may be required. No return of custom manufactured or ordered products (non-stock)will be authorized if the product meets the specifications agreed upon prior to shipment.


We reserve the right to change product specification (i.e. Buffer system) as we see fit to maximize product quality.


RDI division of researchd Industries International makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Data provided in this Catalog and any data provided with the product is only a guideline on how the product may perform in your system. Since every immunoassay system is dependent on many other reagents, over which researchd Industries International has no control, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy how our product will react in your system. We encourage you to sample one or more of the available lots to determine if the product that we offer is suitable for your unique system. Buyers' exclusive remedy and researchd Industries International sole liability hereunder shall be limited to, at researchd Industries International option, refund of the purchase price of, or replacement of, all material(s) that does not meet our specification. By acceptance of the product, Buyer indemnifies and holds researchd Industries International harmless against, and assumes all liability for the consequence of its use or misuse by the Buyer, its employees or others, including, but not limited to, the costs of handling. Said refund or replacement is conditioned on the Buyer notifying researchd Industries International within ten (10) days of receipt of the product. Failure of Buyer to give notice of said ten (10) days shall constitute a waiver by the buyer of all claims hereunder with respect to said material(s).


Directions given on an individual data sheet or vial label are an integral part of these terms and conditions and must be strictly followed.


All products remain the property of researchd Industries International until full payment is received by researchd Industries International.


All products are for research use or further manufacture only and should not be used for human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the products listed in this catalog are available only for research uses. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Sections 312.9 and 809.10 explicitly state that such research products are for investigational use in laboratory research animals or in vitro research. These products are intended for research or further manufacturing use only. The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall researchd Industries International be responsible for loss of profits or indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to personal injuries resulting from use of the products.


All international orders: (please make sure your order has each of the below requirements)

a) complete billing address

b) complete shipping address (must be a street address, cannot ship to a PO Box)

c) your contact name for delivery

d) phone and fax number (also email address if available)

e) purchase order number  (or reference number)

f) Your Vat or TVA # (if applicable) If your order is VAT exempt, please fax a copy of the vat exemption certificate with your order so it can be included with the shipping documents.

g) Your Federal Express or UPS account number (WE STRONGLY recommend you have a Federal Express  or United Parcel Service Account which will help in making timely deliveries for any collect import duties/taxes.

h) Indicate product catalog#, brief description, quantity desired and price

i) we will fax or email the shipping carrier and tracking number for international shipments at time of shipment



Germany  & Austria, you may require an import permit for animal products (REQUIRED for any antibodies of goat or sheep  or donkey origin NOT required for mouse,rat , rabbit or guinea pig, issed by the Ministry of Health, shipments require USDA export form and a US certificate of origin). Please contact your purchasing agent or local Federal Express office/customs animal product imports section and speak with them  about permits for importing animal products for in vitro lab research. Please send us a copy of this permit by fax at time of order or reference the permit number. Permits not required for mouse, rabbit or rat derived antibodies.

Australia & New Zealand:may require an AQIS import permit for animal products. A copy should be faxed to us at time or order so it can be referenced in the shipping documents.

BELGIUM: We have been advised by Federal Express that they cannto clear biologicals through Belgium customs. we therefore recommend shipping UPS to Belgium .If you desire Federal Express, indicate Federal Express shipment requested and indicate your Federal express account #. If you have a designated custom broker, indicate this on the order.

Ariba (tm): Note users of the Ariba Supplier Network : While we will accept purchase orders through this system, those customers exceeding the free ariba level will be surcharged a $25.00/order additional handling fee to cover the $550.00/annual fee we are required to pay for each account by the ariba system.

We strongly suggest changing your purchasing systems to a direct email or fax order.

Revised Payment Information:  

RDI division of researchd Industries Intl.




RDI division of researchd Industries Intl.

San Jose, 95123 CA Snell ave 658

Concord, MA 01742-3049  USA



RDI division of researchd Industries Intl.

1, IDA Business Park

Southern Cross Road

Bray; Co Wicklow



EIN # 98-0427-150    old   RDI EIN # 22-2975204




CHECKS in US $ payable through a US Bank



Account name: researchd Industries Intl.

Bank name: Sovereign Bank New England

75 State Street

Boston, MA 02110

Routing #: 011075150

Account #: 62104952809



Account Name: Benen Trading Ltd T/A researchds Industries International

Bank: Allied Irish Banks International Banking Services

Ashford House

P.O. BOX 518

Tara Street

Dublin 2, IRELAND

Account #: 27198082

Sort Code: 930067

IBAN: IE80AIBK93006727198082

Swift Code: AIBKIE2D


All wiring fees must be paid by your Bank and include and additional $25.00 US for the receiving Bank Fee in addition to the invoice total.

Include in wire: Account # and Invoice #



Name: Naomi Fisher

Email: Naomi.fisher@trinitybiotech.com

Phone #: 011 353 1 276 9833


Name: Maire McCarthy

Email: maire.mccarthy@trinitybiotech.com

Phone #: 011 353 1 272 4492

Include: your account # stated on invoice, invoice #, date of wire, amount being paid.