MOUSE ANTI-Human Cyclin E

MOUSE ANTI-Human Cyclin E

cat#RDI-CYCLEabm          $406.00/100ug

     #RDI-CYCLEabm-1     $625.00/250ug

-mouse monoclonal antibody IG1

-clone ref#HE12

-specific for cyclin E, a 50kDa protein. Does not react with mouse cyclin E.

Immunogen:recombinant full length cyclin E

-suitable for western blotting and flow cytometric analysis (recommend positive control MOLT-4 human leukemia cells)

-Cyclin E is first synthesized during mid G1, iits expression peaks at the G1/S transition and degradation takes place as the cell pass through S phase.

ref:J Virol 67:2456-2465, Cytometry 25:1-13, Blood 87:3360-3367, Cancer Res 53:5096-5099

Mouse anti-Cyclin E clone CYE05 (Histochemistry)

cat#RDI-CYCLEabm-05   $438.00/0.5ml,  $688.00/1ml

-tissue culture supernatant with 0.09% sodium azide

-human reactive (others not tested)

--suitable for immunoprecipiation and formalin fixed paraffin section (nuclear visualization, pos control breastcarcinoma or placenta)

Rabbit anti-cyclin E  

cat#RDI-CYCLINEabrX      $438.00/0.5mg     $688.00/1mg

-human and mouse reactive

-immunogen:synthetic peptide derived form the C terminus of human cyclin E

-use: immunoprecipitation,co-precipitates cdk2, western blot, histochemistry

-blocking peptide cat#RDI-CYCLER-CP  $156.00