6. CLB and IgG subclasses 6.1 Kits and reagents

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6.    CLB and IgG subclasses


6.1  Kits and reagents

The CLB was among the first manufacturers of blood group and immune reagents. The institute has a long and successful record in biomedical research, experimental and clinical immunology and transfusion medicine. By virtue of its research facilities and diagnostic laboratories, CLB has been able to develop a broad range of products, including several innovative reagents for diagnostic use and for fundamental and clinical research. Since the 1970's CLB manufactures high-quality kits, reagents, standards and controls for quantification of human IgG subclasses.

It has always been one of CLB's principles that a value obtained for the IgG subclass level in one serum sample should be the same, regardless of the technique used. For one thing,this has resulted in a set of reference values (table III). This unique set of reference values can only be used if a high correlation exists between the results obtained by different techniques. It is seen that the results obtained by different IgG subclass kits from CLB show a good correlation. In figure 10 the good correlation. In figure 10 the good correlation of the CLB nephelometric 'Array' kit and the CLB RIA kit is shown.