Anti-cardiac troponin

26th Sep 2021

Cardiac Troponin I see new monoclonal and polyclonals below$440.00/1mg $406.00/mg 2-9mg $375.00/mg 10+ (unless indicated)-custom

Anti-Choline Oxidase

26th Sep 2021

Goat anti-Choline OxidaseCatalog#: RDI-CHOLINOXabG $406.00/vialAlso available HRP conjugated:cat#RDI-CHOLINOX-HRP $438.00/20mg

​Anti-Calpain Antibodies

26th Sep 2021

Anti-Calpain Antibodies (see also pure antigens available below)Rabbit anti-m-calpain cat# RDI-MCALPAINabr -sold out see substitutes belo

​Anti-Cadherin Antibodies

26th Sep 2021

Anti-Cadherin Antibodies (see below polyclonals and monoclonals)E-Caderin, K-Cadherin, L1-cadherin, N-Cadherin, M-Cadherin, OB-cadherin, P-

Purified cytokeratin

26th Sep 2021

ANTI-CYTOKERATIN 20Mab to Cytokeratin 20cat#RDI-PRO61033 $410.00/vialClone Determination IT-Ks 20.5Category