Pure VIRAL ANTIGENS for use in immunoassays and histochemistry applications

Pure VIRAL ANTIGENS for use in immunoassays and histochemistry applications

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100ug or


RDI-TRK8AV13 Adenovirus $400.00 $1100.00
RDI-HBASOL-AG Hepatitis A (solution) $250.00/1ml $1250/10ml
RDI-RHBE-Ag HBeAg (recombinant)    $1750.00
RDI-HBVC-AG Hepatitis B Core (recombinant) $350.00 $800.00/1mg
RDI-HBS-AG2 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen adw (rec) $500.00/500ug $800.00
RDI-HBS-AG3 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen ayw (rec) $500.00/500ug $800.00
RDI-HBS-AG4 Hepatits B Surface Antigen adr (rec) $500.00/500ug $800.00
RDI-RCMVAG-50 Cytomegalovirus p50 (rec) $375.00/10ug $1200.00/50ug
RDI-RCMVAG-65 Cytomegalivirus p65 (recombinant) $375.00/10ug $1200.00/50ug
RDI-CMVGSOL-AG CMV (for IgG assays)  1ml $250.00 $1250.00/10ml
RDI-CMVMSOL-AG CMV  (for IgM assay)  1ml $250.00 $1250.00/10ml


HIV-1 gag  b-gal fusion (recombinant)




HIV-1 nef   b-gal fusion (recombinant)




HIV-1 env b-gal fusion (recombinant)







RDI-RHIV1-AG HIV-1 gp41-1 (recombinant) $375.00/100ug $700.00/1mg
RDI-RHIVP24-AG HIV-1 p24 (recombinant) $375.00/100ug $800.00/mg
RDI-HIVGP120-AG2 HIV-1 gp120 (recombinant) $550.00/50ug  
RDI-HIV2env-AG HIV-2 env (recombinant)    $300.00
RDI-RHIV2-AG HIV-2 gp 36 (recombinant) $375.00/100ug $750.00/1mg
RDI-HCV-CORE-AG HCV Core aa 2-192   $300.00
RDI-HBC-AG HCV Core 1-40 (recombinant) --- $1700.00
RDI-HCVNS4-AG HCV NS4 aa 1658-1863     $300.00
RDI-HCVNS31-AG HCV NS3 aa 1450-1643   $300.00
RDI-HCVP22-AG HCV p22 nucleocapsid (recombinant) $400.00 $1000.00
RDI-HEV69-AG HEV(Birma) ORF2:B Gal fusion protein 

aa 633-659:N term B Gal

RDI-HEV41-AG HEV(Birma) ORF2:B Gal fusion

aa 403-461:B Gal N term

RDI-HEV93-AG HEV(Birma) ORF2 :B Gal fusion

aa 92-123:B Gal N term

RDI-HPV6L1AG HPV L1 capsid $500.00/50ug $850.00/100ug
RDI-RHSV1-AG HSV-1 (recombinant) gD $375.00/100ug $900.00
RDI-RHSV1G-AG HSV-1 (recombinant) gG   $375.00/100ug $900.00
RDI-RHSV2-AG HSV-2 (recombinant) gG $375.00/100ug $900.00
RDI-HSV1-AG HSV-1 (solution) $250.00/1ml $1000.00/10ml
RDI-HSV2-AG Herpes Simplex Virus II $250.00/1ml $1000.00/10ml
RDI-TRK8IN73 Influenza A (H1N1)  Taiwain   $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN73-2 Influenza A (H1N1) Beijing   $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN73-3 Influenza A (h1N1) New Caledonia   $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN74 Influenza A (H3N2) Shandong/9/93   $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN74-2 Influenza A (H3N2) Kiev   $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN75 Influenza B $325.00 $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN75-2 Influenza B (Tokio/53/99) $325.00 $700.00
RDI-TRK8IN75-3 Influenza B (Victoria/504/00 $325.00 $700.00
RDI-TRK8P76 Parainfluenza Virus Type 1 $325.00 $700.00
RDI-TRK8P76-2 Parainfluenza Virus Type 2 $325.00 $700.00
RDI-TRK8P76-3 Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 $325.00 $700.00
RDI-8EB77 Epstein Barr virus, capsid antigen $600.00/0.5mg $1000.00
RDI-EBVSOL-AG Epstein Barr Virus (solution) $250.00/1ml $1250.00/10ml
  Rota Virus (discontinued)    
RDI-TRK8RV78 Rubellea virus (recombinant) $350.00 $800.00/mg
RDI-RBVSOL-AG Rubeola Virus Antigen (solution) $250.00/1ml $1250.00/10ml
RDI-TRK8RSV79 Respiratory Syncytial Virus $300.00 $900.00
RDI-MUMPSOL-AG Mumps Virus Antigen (solution) $250.00/1ml $1250.00/10ml
RDI-VZVSOL-AG Varicella Zoster Virus Antigen (solution) $250.00/1ml $1250.00/10ml
RDI-TRK8T68 Toxoplasma gondii antigen --- $600.00
RDI-TPALD5-AG T. Pallidum p15:B Gal fusion protein


RDI-TPALD7-AG T. Pallidum p17:B Gal fusion protein   $300.00
RDI-TPALD4-AG T. Pallidum p45:B Gal fusion protein   $300.00
RDI-TPALDA-AG T. Pallidum TmpA:B Gal Fusion protein   $300.00


Toxoplasma Antigen



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