Immunoasaay Enhancers for Researchers and Manufacturers

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl offers many product specifically designed for improving the sensitivity and "workability" of immunoassays. Listed below are some of these products along with on line access to the various technical specifications.  Please also note that we offer numerous antibodies and antigens for immunoassay development (see the antibody and antigen sections or please inquire)!  Bulk quotes available on most products.
     You can contact us by email,   or  phone 408-780-0908 or  (978) 371-6446 or 408-780-0908.

  •   POLY-HRP Streptavidin  
        -supercharge your ELISA's!
         -New: Poly-HRP technical brochure (March 2002)

  •   Ready To Use TMB Products  (for ELISA and blotting applications)   3 New Formulations

  •   TMB For Histochemistry & Hybridization                  

  •   HRP Conjugate Stabilizers (updated April 5, 2005) NEW non-animal product based formulation!

  •   Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate Stabilizers

  •   Casein Colloid Buffers (New Formulation July 1999)

  •   High Performance Elisa Buffer

  •   GOLD Colloids for Conjugation (see information in our Gold section)

  •   Gold Conjugated Antibodies for OEM ASSAY USE
       -inquire for custom conjugations

  •   Gold Conjugate Control  (a new control for your immunoflow type assays).

  •  New Specialty Preservatives (non azide, non mercury containing)

  •  PRESERV-A-COAT (helps keep what you coated, antibodies, enzymes etc stable).

  •  Surfactant ToolKit (a novel new kit to help developers of immunoassays including
                                              immunoflow devices and much more....)  

  •  Polymer ToolKit (another novel kit consisting of 16 nonionic and ionic polymers
                                          for optimizing immunoassays)  

  •  Immunoflow Toolkit (a complete set of membranes, wicks, supports etc needed to help develop
                                        immunoflow, One-Step(tm), and rapid-diagnostic type assays.

  •   Custom Conjugates (steroid derivatives for iodination, HRP, Biotin and more...)-please email inquire