Normal Serum

Normal Donkey Serum



Price: $90.00/10ml $62.00/with second antibody

Presentation: lyophilized vial (10ml)

Protein conc: approx 60mg/ml

Prep: normal serum is lipid extracted and dialyzed against the below buffer

Buffer: when reconstituted with 10ml DI water, material will be in 0.01M Sodium Phosphate, 0.25M NaCl, pH 7.6 with 0.05% NaN3


Reconstitution: It is recommended that the vial be reconstituted with 10ml DI water. Allow to set at least 1 hour. Mix Well. Centrifuge product if it is not completely clear after standing for 1-2 hours at room temp. Product is stable for several weeks at 2-8 DEG C as an undiluted liquid. After dilution do not use for more than one day. For extended storage, freeze undiluted product in small aliquots at -20 DEG C or below. Avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles (best stored in non frost free freezers).


Use: It is recommended that 4-5% normal serum, diluted in assay buffer, be used as a blocking agent to reduce background from non- specific, conserved sequence and/or Fc receptor bindings. The normal serum should be the same species as the sourec of the secondary antibody.


Country of Origin: USA


Also available:Donkey Gamma globulin cat#RDI-DNKYGG    $75.00/25mg


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