(anti-Human and others as indicated)



Mab to Cytokeratin Type I & II     cat#RDI-PRO61835   $438.00/vial


Clone Determination                         AE 1 / AE 3

Category                                          Mouse biclonal

Immunoglobulin  Class                      IgG1

Purification                                        Ion-exchange chromatography

Antigen                                             Human epidermal keratin

Specificity                                        AE 1/AE 3 represents an excellent marker with a very broad

                                                       range; for distinguishing Ca. from non-epithelial tumors

Application                                      Suitable for · frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue (P)

                                                      · cytological material · immunoblotting (Western)

Storage At 4°C                              one year

Quantity                                         200 µl (1 mg/ml)


Polypeptide Reacting                      MR 40 000, MR 48 000 and MR 50 000 polypeptides of human epithelial proteins (cytokeratins nos. 19, 16, 14) and most other acidic (type I) cytokeratins (AE1). Most basic (type II) cytokeratins (MR 52 500 - 68 000) of human epithelia (AE3)

Antigen Recognized in                   

Species (tested so far)                 Human, rabbit, mouse, rat,  bovine, chick, monkey, guinea pig

Reactivities on Cultured

Cell Lines (tested so far)             MCF-7, A-431, RT 112, HeLa

Tumors Specifically Detected     All epithelium and their neoplasms

Pretreatment With paraffin-embedded sections, protease pretreatment is recommended prior to antibody application

Working Dilution Dilute 1:200 in PBS pH 7.4 for use in immunohistochemistry Incubation Time 2h at 37°C (or over night at 4°C)