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Human IgG

Human IgG Subclasses:

useful diagnostic markers for immunocompetence


Published by CLB,Plesmanlaan 125,

                    1066 CX Amsterdam,

                    The Netherlands.

                    CLB, 1996

Text:Drs A.J. Meulenbroek    Dr. W.P. Zeijlemaker

ISBN 90-5267-011-0

The authors are grateful to Dr. A.J. van Houte,Medical Centre Alkmaar, for his expert advice. Thanks are due to their colleagues at CLB: Dr.A.Vlug,Ing.E.J. Nieuwenhuys,Dr.T.A. Out, Prof. Dr.R.C. Aalberse and Drs R.Vis for their valuable support.


TABLE OF CONTENTS    (click on each topic of interest to open the section)


1.       The immune system in a nutshell


2. + 2.1 + 2.2       IgG subclasses and humoral immunity

2.1                       Immunoglobulins and humoral immunity

2.2                       Molecular basis of immunoglobulin synthesis

2.3      Properties of human IgG subclasses

2.4      Antibody activity of IgG subclasses

2.5 + 2.5.1 + 2.5.2       Effector functions of IgG subclasses  
                                    Complement activation
                                    Opsonisation and induction of phagacytosis

3. + 3.1       IgG subclasses in healthy children and adults

                   Reference values of IgG subclass levels

4.        IgG subclasses in disease

4.1      IgG subclass immunodeficiencies, clinical relevance

4.2      Deviations of IgG subclass serum levels in   immunodeficiency syndromes

4.3      IgG subclasses and allergy

4.4      IgG subclasses in other diseases

4.4.1   Infectious diseases

4.4.2   Autoimmunity

4.4.3   Haemolytic disease of the newborn

4.5      Indications for measuring IgG subclass levels

4.5.1   Assessment of immune status

4.5.2   Therapeutic considerations


5.       Assays for the determination of IgG subclass levels

5.1     Radial Immunodiffusion (RID)

5.2     Nephelometry and turbidimetry

5.3     Radio Immuno Assay (RIA)

5.4     Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

5.5 -5.8    Immuno-affinity chromatography

5.6     Agglutination techniques,Direct Antiglobulin Test(DAT)

5.7     Comparison of the most frequently used assays

5.8      Standardization and reference values


6.        CLB and IgG Subclasses

6.1      Kits and reagents

6.2      CLB Quality Survey Service for IgG subclass assays


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