Additional USP Grade Pure Substances available through Research Diagnostics Inc

Additional USP Grade Pure Substances available through Research Diagnostics Inc:

$375.00/package   unless indicated 

Orders for these compounds must be faxed on company purchase order or letterhead to 973-584-0210 and include catalog#, name, quantity, and price

They can ONLY be shipped to Research Facilities (not for public/food/drug or cosmetic use). 


catalog#                Description Size
RDI-U220506       Dipyridamole 200mg

RDI-U220700       Dirithromycin 200mg

RDI-U221000       Disodium Guanylate 300mg  

RDI-U222002       Disodium Inosinate 500mg

RDI-U222501       Disopyramide Phosphate 200mg

RDI-U224008       Disulfiram 200mg  

RDI-U224507       Dobutamine HCl 600mg

RDI-U224700       Docusate Calcium 500mg

RDI-U224802       Docusate Sodium 500mg

RDI-U224904       Docusate Potassium 500mg

RDI-U225000       Doxapram HCl 200mg  

RDI-U225204       Dopamine HCl 200mg

RDI-U225500       Doxepin HCl 500mg

RDI-U225703       Doxorubicin HCl 50mg  $1000.00

RDI-U226003       Doxycycline Hyclate 200mg

RDI-U227006       Doxylamine Succinate 300mg  

RDI-U229001       Droperidol 250mg

RDI-U230000       Dyclonine HCl 200mg

RDI-U231003       Dydrogesterone 200mg

RDI-U231502       Dyphylline 200mg

RDI-U231808       Econazole Nitrate 200mg

RDI-U232006       Edetate Calcium disodium 200mg

RDI-U233009       Edetate Disodium 200mg

RDI-U233508       Edetic Acid 200mg

RDI-U234001       Edrophonium Chloride 200mg  

RDI-U235004       Emetine HCl 150mg

RDI-U235274       Enalaprilat 300mg  

RDI-U235300       Enalpril Maleate 200mg

RDI-U235503       Endotoxin 10K USP UNITS ------

RDI-U235809       Enflurane 1ml

RDI-U236007       Ephedrine Sulfate 200mg

RDI-U237000       Epinephrine Bitartrate 200mg  

RDI-U238002       Equilin 25mg      

RDI-U239005       Ergocalciferol 150mg

RDI-U239504       Ergoloid Mesylates 300mg

RDI-U240004       Ergonovine Maleate 100mg    

RDI-U241007      Ergosterol 50mg

RDI-U241506       Ergotamine Tartrate 150mg

RDI-U241550       Ergotaminine 100mg

RDI-U242000       Erythromycin 250mg  

RDI-U242010       Erythromycin B  150mg

RDI-U242021       Erythromycin C  50mg    **$940.00/vial

RDI-U242032       Erythromycin Related Compound N 50mg (N-demethylerythromycin A)  $940.00/50mg

RDI-U243002       Erythromycin Estolate 200mg

RDI-U245008       Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate 200mg

RDI-U246000       Erythyomycin Gluceptate 200mg

RDI-U247003       Erythromycin Lactobionate 200mg

RDI-U247003       Erythromycin Stearate 200mg

RDi-U249009       Erythrosine sodium 100mg

RDI-U25008         Estradiol 500mg

RDi-U251000       Estradiol Benzoate 250mg

RDI-U252003       Estradiol Cypionate 200mg

RDI-U254009       Estradiol Valerate 100mg

RDI-U254508       Estriol 100mg  

RDI-U255001       Estrone 200mg

RDI-U255500       Estropipate 350mg

RDI-U256004       Ethacrynic Acid 200mg

RDI-U257007       Ethambutol HCl 200mg

RDI-U266001       Ethinyl Estradiol 150mg

RDI-U261004       Ethionamide 200mg

RDI-U262801       Ethopabate 125mg

RDI-U263000       Ethopropazine HCL 300mg