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Cytoskeletal proteins


Mab to Cytokeratin 8   cat#RDI-PRO61038     $375.00/vial of 50ug

   -also available Biotin conjugated: cat#RDI-PRO61538   $438.00/0.25ml

Clone Determination                 Ks 8.7

Category                                 Mouse monoclonal

Immunoglobulin Class               IgG1

Purification                               SpAss-Protein A (recombinant)

Antigen                                    Cytoskeletal proteins from cultured HeLa cells

Specificity                               Ks 8.7 represents an excellent marker to discriminate simple

                                               epithelia from those of different origin

Application                             Suitable for · frozen tissue and paraffin- embedded sections

                                              after microwave treatment  · Cytological material  · Immunoblotting (Western)

Stability At 4°C                      one year after reconstitution

Quantity                                 50 µg (lyoph.)

Polypeptide Reacting             MR 52 500 polypeptide (cytokeratin 8) of human epithelia

Antigen Recognized in           Human, mouse, rat, tupaia belangeri, monodelphis domestica, hamster; negative with bovine

Reactivities on Cultured        MCF-7, RT 112, PLC

Tumors Specifically Detected All adeno-CA tested; undifferentiated CA; cervix CA; hepatocellular CA

Working Dilution When reconstituted with 1 ml distilled water, dilute further 1:10 Incubation Time 1 h at RT


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