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Anti-Mouse and Anti-Rat Cellular Antigens

see also  Anti-Lymphocyte and Anti-Thymocyte Sera

 and anti-mouse CDabs and anti-rat CD ab charts

Anti-Mouse Brain products are heteroantisera prepared by immunizing rabbits with Balb/c or C3H brain tissue according to Hodes et al, J. Exp. Med, 140:1646 (1974). These antisera are significantly more cytotoxic for murine thymocytes than for splenocytes.


Anti-macrophage, anti-rat mast cell, anti-rat PMN and anti-rat thrombocyte are heteroantisera prepared in rabbits to purified rat cellular antigens. The procedures used yield early response antisera which are most effective in producing cytotoxic and agglutinating antibodies.


Anti-Theta (thy 1.2) is high titer  alloantiserum produced in AKR mice by hperimmunization with C3H/he thymocytes. the gamma globulin is predominantly IgG.


Absorbed antisera with significantly improved cytotoxic specificity are availalble fr most of the above products. Repeated adsorption of heteroantisera with red blood cells or lymphocytes removes most antibodies to antigens common among different cell types.


FITC conjugated Gamma globulin fractions of various adsorbed antisera to mouse and rat cellular antigens are available. These fluorescein conjuagtes are purified by removing free fluorochrome, under conjugated aand over-conjugated antibodies. these FITC conjugated regaents are analyzed for their fluorochrome: protein ratios; they are used to produce direct bright fluorescence of the appropriate cell types.

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Product Antiserum Adsorbed Antiserum FITC conjugated

Gamma Globulin

rabbit anti-mouse Brain (Balb/c) cat#RDI-A39140-IC






rabbit anti-mouse Brain (C3H) cat#RDI-A39240-IC






mouse anti-theta, alloantiserum cat#RDI-AA3930-IC


mosue anti-Theta, gamma globulin cat#RDI-AAG3930-IC


rabbit anti-rat macrophage cat#RDI-A51240-IC






rabbit anti-rat mast cell cat#RDI-A51340-IC






rabbit anti-rat PMN cat#RDI-A51140-IC






rabbit anti-rat Thrombocyte cat#RDI-A51440-IC






rabbit anti-mouse macrophage cat#RDI-A31240-IC






rabbit anit-mouse thrombocyte cat#RDI-A31440-IC






rabbit anti-mouse PMN cat#RDI-A31140-IC








Mouse Serum Proteins: Antigens and antibodies

1) Mouse Albumin pure antigen cat#RDI-MSALBUMIN      $220.00/25mg

2) rabbit anti-mouse albumin IgG fraction cat#RDI-MSALBabr   $188.00/20mg $125.00/vial 3+

3) Goat anti-mouse albumin cat#RDI-A90134AB $188.00/1mg

     -HRP conjugated cat#RDI-A90134PB $281.00/1mg

4) Mouse Transferrin pure antigen cat#RDI-RTTRANSF   $312.00/10mg

5) rabbit anti-mouse transferrin IgG fraction cat#RDI-MSTRANSabr   $188.00/20mg $125.00/vial 3+

-high titer antisera prepared by salt frationation and DEAE ion exchange chromotography. Supplied as frozen sterile filtered antibody fraction in PBS pH 7.8

6) rabbit anti-mouse transferrin:FITC conjug   cat#RDI-MSTRANSabr-FT $188.00/3mg

7) rabbit anti-mouse platelets cat#RDI-MPLATEabr $188.00/1ml   (absorbed against misc proteins)


Rat Serum Proteins: Antigens and antibodies

1) Rat Albumin pure antigen cat#RDI-RTALBUMIN $188.00/25mg

2) rabbit anti-rat albumin IgG fraction cat#RDI-RTALBabr   $188.00/20mg

3) rabbit anti-rat albumin:FITC conjuagted cat#RDI-RTALBabr-FT   $188.00/3mg

4) rabbit anti-rat albumin:Texas Red conj cat#RDI-RTALBabr-TR   $281.00/3mg

5) Rat Transferrin pure antigen cat#RDI-RTTRANSF   $312.00/10mg

6) rabbit anti-rat transferrin IgG fraction cta#RDI-RTTRANSabr   $188.00/20mg

-high titer antisera prepared by salt frationation and DEAE ion exchange chromotography. Supplied as frozen sterile filtered antibody fraction in PBS pH 7.8

rabbit anti-rat transferrin:FITC conjug cat#RDI-RTTRANSabr-FT   $188.00/3mg

5) Rat IgM pure antigen cat#RDI-RTIGM   $188.00/2mg   $562.00/10mg

6) Rat IgA pure antigen cat#RDI-RTIGA   $188.00/2mg

7) rabbit anti-rat alpha-1-acid glycoprotein    inquire