Immunoasaay Enhancers

for Researchers and Manufacturers



CATALOG# #RDI-IMMFLWKT-2     $2750.00 (large kit)

The Immunoflow Toolkit allows easy assembly and quick evaluation of a variety of lateral flow membranes and substrates in the rapid diagnostic test format. Numerous configurations can be created to help identify optimum membrane and material combinations. Sufficient material is provided to build over 6000 devices (large kit).

      Each kit Contains:

  • Nine nitrocellulose membrane packs from five manufacturers, laminated or directly cast on a polymer in a range of pore sizes from 5 to 15 microns. Each membrane pack contains a minimum of 20 strips (large, 10 strips small kit) (300 mm X 25 mm).

  •  Four absorbent material packs from three manufacturers. Fifty strips of each material are presented in three different widths to accomodate assembly of the test strip (300mm X 20, 25, 35mm).

  •  Six conjugate support substrate packs from four manufacturers suitable for retention and release of the various metallic and non-metallic sol reagents. Each conjugate substrate pack contains a minimum of ten sheets ( 300 mm X 100 mm).

  •  Backing support for lamination of materials in two convenient sizes and two thicknesses, all with kiss cut release liners; 100 pieces each size and thickness; 200 pieces total.

  •  Four cell retention/spearation media for handling of whle blood, saliva and particulate specimens. Each separation media pack contains a minimum of five sheets (300 mm X 60 mm)

Material sample packs are identified by trade name, material identification and manufacturer with examples of function.