Mab to Cytokeratin 7

Mab to Cytokeratin 7

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Clone RCK 105

Category Mouse monoclonal, culture supernatant

IgG Class IgG1

Antigen Isolated From Cell line T24

Clinical Application/ Specificity Specific subtypes of adenocarcinoma. RCK 105 decorates specific subtypes of adenocarcinoma. Cytokeratin 7 was found to occur in the columnar and glandular epithelium of the lung, cervix, breast, bile ducts, larger collecting ducts of the kidney and in mesothelium, but is absent from gastrointestinal epithelium, hepatocytses and myoepithelium. Several types of adenocarcinomas of the mammary gland, ovary and lung are positive. In immunoblotting reactive with the 54kD cytokeratin 7 protein.

Recommended Positive Cotnrol: Glandular epithelium breast

Application Immunoblotting


                  Suitable for frozen tissue

                  Cell Suspensions

Antigen Recognized  in species (tested so far)  Human, hamster, mouse, rat, dog, pig

Working Dilution 1:5 - 1:10

Dilution Buffer PBS with 1% BSA and 0.09% Na-Azide

Incubation Time 1 h at room temperature

Storage At 4°C (undiluted) or at -20°C (aliquots)

Volume 1 ml