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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl distributes over 1000 different antibodies made by commerical firms and research centers worldwide. We encourage you to request a data sheet on the specific antibody you need (anti-human, mouse, rat, rabbit, frog....etc...). You can contact us by email,   or   or 408-780-0908.

The Best way to see the various antibodies is to view the alphabetical antibody list (may take a minute or so to load but it will allow direct access to all the antibodies). We have also created DATA PACKS for some of the various Groups of antibodies. Please request the following DATA Packs for similar antibody types or click on below for more information  (most individual spec sheets can now be accessed  on line through the Data Pack listings..

Doing paraffin sections, see our section on antigen retrieval.

Click here for a generalized western blot  protocol:

Click here for a general refs for using saponin for intracellular staining (excellent permeabilizing agent).


  •  Antibody List (alphabetical order sorted with links to on line specs)  updated  
                       -need a special secondary antibody  ? , see our expanding list and/or inquire!

  •  CD Clustered-(HUMAN) please request by category or CD# for multiple clones
     -if your browser supports tables, click on above to view a CD table with access to on line antibody data sheets.

  • . Click For anti-rabbit reactive CD monoclonals. Anti-Rat CD antibodies, anti-MOUSE CD antibodies
      , anti-PIG CD , guinea pig antibodies
        Please inquire for other species reactivity (mouse/rat/dog/cat/pig and more...).

  •  Cytochrome P450 & related antibodies (along with pure CYP450's and related reagenst)

  •  Cytokeratin & Cytoskeletal Proteins Data Pack + New collagen antibodies

  •  Enzymes, Bioactive Peptides , Proteins & misc (if not found in others-look here or on the alphabetical list!)

  •  Epitope Mapping Antibodies  including maltose binding protein,  HA-Tag,   Myc-Tag, VSV-G-Tag, Thyoredoxin, SjGst , Green Fluorescent Protein and more.

  •  Fas & Fas-Ligand Data Pack

  •  Human Immunoglobulin Data Pack (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG &  IgM )

  •  Interleukin & Growth Factor Receptor Data Pack

  •  Insulin Data Pack (antibodies against insulin, proinsulin, insulin like growth factors &  binding proteins)

  •  Ion Transport Data Pack (Ca ATPase, Na ATPase, and many others).

  •  Lipoprotein Metabolism (antibodies against HDL, LDL, APOE, ApoE2, LDL receptor and more..)
                  -see new polyclonal anti-LDL recpeotr antibodies!

  •  MHC Data Pack (HLA-Class I, Class II, HLA-DR and more...)

  •  Neurohistology Antibodies ( Neurofilaments, serum amyloid P , beta amyloid etc)    
      see also new presenilin and amyloid precursor antibdoies in this section.

  •  Toxin, Viruses & Microbial Agents Data Pack  
                              -(new antibodies)  See New Adeno-Virus Related Antibodies

  •  Troponin Data Pack (troponin C, Troponin I  & Troponin T, antibodies and pure antigens)
                                      see also other cardiac related markers FABP and CK-MB.

  •  Tumor Marker related antibodies (new abs PAP, PSA and more...)

  •  LO-DATA Pack (rat anti-mouse and mouse anti-rat immunoglobulin  monoclonals)

  •  T Cell Stimulation ( a special line of CD3, CD2 & CD28 antibodies for T Cell stimulation experiments)                                                      -see new information on this line from the CLB-updated  Dec 18, 1996

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