Cytokeratin 3 (clone AE5) antibodies from RDI Divison

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Mab to Cytokeratin 3/12  

Cat#RDI-PRO61807 (same as RDI-CBL218) $440.00

Clone Determination           AE 5

Category                              Mouse monoclonal

Immunoglobulin Class         IgG 1

Purification                          Ion-exchange chromatography

Antigen                                 Human epithelial keratin

Specificity                         AE 5 represents an excellent marker for corneal type differentiation. Positive for epithelial cells of cornea, snout and some oral mucosa. This antibody has been used for studying corneal epithelial stem cells.

Application Suitable for immunohistochemistry of frozen tissue Immunoblotting (Western)

Polypeptide Reacting         MR 64 000 polypeptide (cytokeratin 3) of human corneal

                                            epithelium and cytokeratin 2 "p" of palate epithelium

Antigen Recognized in        Human, rabbit, bovine (in cow and

Species (tested so far)         rabbit AE5 reacts with lip and snout epithelia)


Reactivities on Cultured       Rabbit corneal epithelial cells

Cell Lines (tested so far)


Tissues Specifically  Detected  Cornea and palate epithelium

Application Suitable for   frozen tissue Immunoblotting (Western)

Working Dilution Dilute   1:50 with PBS, pH 7.2 for immunohistochemical

                                          application and 1:500 for immunoblotting

Incubation Time                1h at RT

Storage                              At 2-8°C; for longer storage we recommend storage in

                                          aliquots at or below -20°C


Quantity 200 µg [1mg/ml] in PBS (pH 7.2)



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Cat. No. RDI-PRO61807

For research use only. Not supplied for use in human diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.