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-newest HUMAN additions:  HB-EGF,   WISP-3,   WISP-1,   Otoraplin    IL-31

              Wnt-1,   MIA,       slyve-1,  sCD105,  Angiopoietin-1

            CTGF,   TSLP,    Prokineticin-2,   GDF-3,   APOA-I

           TL-1A,   ApoE3/ApoE4,   PLGF-1,   HeregulinB1 ,

Human Cytokines, Growth Factors & Chemokines  & More from RDI:

(Click for additional Background information on our products , chemokines ,  and research into cytokine & sepsis  .) see new article on chemokines and their receptors (updated Jan 6, 1999)

RDI Division of Fitzgerald Industries Intl (RDI)  offers a wide line of recombinant growth factors, cytokines and chemokines (new products added throughout year, please inquire if not listed below). Bulk milligram and larger sizes quoted upon request. All products are for in vitro lab research use only-not for use in or on humans or animals (without approval of your animal welfare committee)-not for use in diagnostics. We are not responsible for any patent infringements with the use or derivation of these products. Most items are provided carrier and preservative free unless indicated on spec sheet .

See Page 2  for mouse and rat,  See below antibodies for all species.

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NAME CAT# standard package

size $235.00



Mini-Pack (-P)



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4-1BRR RDI-3115 20ug 5ug  
Activin RDI-1214 5ug 2ug  
Adipolean RDI-4521 25ug 5ug  
Adipolean variant RDI-4520 25ug 5ug  
AITRL/TNFS18 RDI-3122 20ug 5ug  
Angiopoietin-1 RDI-300-047 $315.00/5ug*    
angiopoietin-2 RDI-300-049 $312/5ug* - antibodies
Albumin (human) RDI-PRO332 $500/10mg*    antibodies
APOA-I RDI-3511 100ug 20ug  
APOE2 RDI-3512 500ug    
APOE3 RDI-3502 500ug    
APOE4 RDI-3504 500ug    
Artemin RDI-4517 20ug 2ug  
BAFF RDI-3113 20ug 5ug antibodies
BCA-1 RDI-3047 20ug 5ug  
BCMA RDI-3116 20ug 5ug  
BRAK RDI-3050 20ug 5ug  
BD-1  (36aa) RDI-3051 20ug 5ug  
BD-1 (47aa) RDI-3051A 20ug 5ug  
BD-2 RDI-3049 20ug 5ug  
BD-3 RDI-3052 20ug 5ug  
BDNF RDI-4502 10ug 2ug antibodies
BMP2 RDI-200-002 25ug/$535.00 antibodies
BMP-13 RDI-1204 50ug 10ug  
sBMPR-1A RDI-S01021 100ug/$625.00*  
B-type Natriuretic Protein        
Cardiotrophonin-1 RDI-3032 10ug 2ug antibodies
sCD4 RDI-CYT304S $688/100ug    
CD22 RDI-1001 20ug 5ug   
CD28muIg         antibodies
CD30 ligand         
sCD31 (Pecam-1)          antibodies
sCD40L/Trap RDI-3102 50ug 10ug antibodies
CD80-muIgG       antibodies
CD86-muIg         antibodies
CD95-huIgG       antibodies
sCD95L RDI-3103 10ug 2ug   
CD95L-muCD8         antibodies
sCD105/endoglin RDI-S01024 $250/10ug*    antibodies 
CD134-muIg       antibodies
CD134L-muCD8       antibodies
CD137 & CD137L       antibodies
CD152       antibodies
CD153       antibodies
CD166        antibodies
CNTF RDI-4513 20ug 5ug antibodies
CTAC RDI-3054 20ug 5ug  
CTGF RDI-1219 20ug 5ug  
CTGFL/WISP-2 RDI-1216 20ug 5ug  
CXCL16 RDI-3055 25ug 5ug  
EGF RDI-115 500ug 100ug antibodies
sEGF-receptor RDI-EGFRX-AG $625/25ug   antibodies
EG-VEGF RDI-1044 10ug 2ug  
EMAP-II RDI-1038 20ug 5ug  
ENA-78 RDI-3022 20ug 5ug  
Erythropoietin       antibodies
Eotaxin RDI-3021 (Discontinued) 10ug 2ug antibodies
Eotaxin-2 RDI-3033 20ug 5ug antibodies
Eotaxin-3 (TSC) RDI-3048 20ug 5ug antibodies
Exodus-2 RDI-3035B 20ug 5ug   
sFas-Receptor RDI-3120 20ug 5ug  
FGF-acidic RDI-117A 50ug 10ug antibodies
FGF-basic RDI-118b 50ug 10ug antibodies
FGF-4 RDI-1031 25ug 5ug antibodies
FGF-5 RDI-1034 50ug 10ug antibodies
FGF-6 RDI-1030 25ug 5ug  
FGF-7 (see KGF)        
FGF-8 RDI-1025 25ug 5ug antibodies
FGF-9 RDI-1023 20ug 5ug antibodies
FGF-10 RDI-1026 25ug 5ug antibodies
FGF-16 RDI-1029 25ug 5ug  
FGF-17 RDI-1027 25ug 5ug  
FGF-18 RDI-1028 25ug 5ug  
FGF-19 RDI-1032 25ug 5ug  
FGF-20 RDI-1041 15ug 3ug  
sFGFR-1a/fc chimera RDI-SFC015 50ug/$438.00*    
sFGFR-2a/fc chimera RDI-SFC017 50ug/$440.00*    
sFGFR-3a/fc chimera RDI-SFC019 50ug/$438.00*    
sFGFR-4/fc chimera RDI-SFC021 50ug/$438.00*    
FLT3-Ligand RDI-3019 10ug 2ug antibodies
sFLT-4 RDI-S01017 50ug/$440.00*    
sFLT-4/fc chimera RDI-SFC009 50ug/$375.00*    
Follistatin RDI-1213 20ug 5ug  
Fractalkine (CX3C) RDI-3031 10ug 2ug antibodies
Galectin-1 RDI-4539 50ug 10ug  
Galectin-3 RDI-4538 50ug 10ug antibodies
GCP-2 RDI-3041 20ug 5ug  
G-CSF RDI-3023 10ug 2ug antibodies
GDF-3 RDI-1222 20ug 5ug  
GDF-11 - Discontinued RDI-1201 20ug 5ug  
GDNF RDI-4510 10ug 2ug antibodies
GM-CSF RDI-303 10ug 2ug antibodies
GRO/MGSA RDI-3011 25ug 5ug antibodies
GRO-BETA RDI-3039 10ug 2ug antibodies
GRO-gamma RDI-3040 10ug 2ug antibodies
Growth Hormone RDI-RGHHPAG 1mg/$440.00     
HB-EGF RDI-1047 50ug 10ug   
HCC-1 RDI-3038 10ug 2ug  
Heregulin-Beta1 RDI-1003 50ug 10ug  
HGF RDI-1039 10ug 2ug antibodies
I-309 RDI-3037 10ug 2ug  
IFN-Alpha RDI-PB11101 20ug/$344.00* N/A antibodies
Interferon subtypes          
IFN-Beta 1A RDI-PB11410 100ku/$375.00* N/A antibodies
IFN-BETA 1B RDI-PB11420 100ku/$375.00*    
IFN-gamma RDI-302 100ug 20ug antibodies
Interferon leukocyte RDI-PB11350 1MU/$375.00* N/A  
IFN-G receptor RDI-PB11580 10ug/$375.00*   antibodies
IFN Lambda 1(IL29) RDI-3002 20ug 5ug  
IGF-I RDI-111 100ug 20ug antibodies
IGF-II RDI-112 50ug 10ug antibodies
IGF-BP1 RDI-CYT299S 25ug/$250*    
IGF-BP2 (bovine) RDI-CYT301S 25ug/$250*    
IGF-BP3 RDI-1008 25ug 5ug antibodies
IL-1 alpha RDI-201A 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-1 Beta RDI-201B 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-2 RDI-202 50ug 10ug antibodies
IL-3 RDI-203 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-4 RDI-204 10ug 2ug antibodies
sIL-4R RDI-2004R 15ug 3ug  
IL-5 RDI-205 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-6 RDI-206 10ug 2ug antibodies
sIL-6R RDI-2006R 20ug 5ug  
IL-7 RDI-207 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-8 (72 a.a. form) RDI-208M 25ug 5ug antibodies
IL-8 (77 a.a. form) RDI-208 25ug 5ug  
IL-10 RDI-210 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-11 RDI-211 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-12 DI-212 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-13 RDI-213 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-13 analog RDI-2013A 10ug 2ug  
IL-15 RDI-215 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-16 RDI-216 10ug 2ug antibodies
IL-16 (121aa) RDI-2016 10ug 2ug  
IL-17 RDI-217 25ug 5ug antibodies
IL-17B RDI-2028 10ug 2ug  
IL-17D RDI-2027 10ug 2ug  
IL-17E RDI-2025 25ug  2ug  
IL-17F RDI-2024 10ug 2ug  
IL-18 discontinued  
IL-19 RDI-2019 10ug 2ug  
IL-20 RDI-2020 10ug 2ug  
IL-22 RDI-2022 10ug 2ug  
IL-29 RDI-3002 20ug 5ug  
IL-31 RDI-2031 10ug 2ug  
Insulin RDI-CYT270 $562/250mg*    
IP-10 RDI-3012 25ug 5ug antibodies
I-TAC RDI-3046 20ug 5ug antibodies
KC       antibodies
KGF RDI-1019 10ug 2ug antibodies
LAG-1 RDI-3058  20ug 5ug  
LD-78B RDI-3056 20ug 5ug  
LEC RDI-3044 20ug 5ug  
Leptin RDI-3027 1mg 200ug antibodies
Leptin receptor       antibodies
Leptin Triple Antagonist        
Leptin Quadruple Antagonist        
Limulus Anti-lipopolysaccharide


Lymphotactin RDI-3020 10ug 2ug antibodies
sLyVE-1 (human) RDI-S01028 5ug/$250.00*   antibodies
sLYVE-1 (mouse) RDI-S01026 5ug/$250.00*   antibodies
MAGE-1 RDI-PRO311 5ug/$562.00    
MIA RDI-1301 20ug 2ug  
MART-1 RDI-PRO299 5ug/$562.00    
M-CSF RDI-3025 10ug 2ug antibodies
MCP-1 (MCAF) RDI-304 20ug 5ug antibodies
MCP-2 RDI-3042 10ug 2ug antibodies
MCP-3 RDI-3017 10ug 2ug antibodies
MCP-4 RDI-3024 10ug 2ug antibodies
MDC (67 a.a.) RDI-3036 20ug 5ug antibodies
MDC (69 a.a.) RDI-3036A 20ug 5ug   
MEC (CCL28) RDI-3057 20ug 5ug  
Midkine RDI-4516 20ug 5ug  
MIG RDI-3026 20ug 5ug antibodies
MIP-1 Alpha RDI-308 20ug 5ug antibodies
MIP-1 Beta RDI-309 10ug 2ug antibodies
MIP-2 (viral) RDI-3503 50ug 10ug  
MIP-3 RDI-3029C 20ug 5ug  
MIP-3 alpha RDI-3030 20ug 5ug antibodies
MIP-3 beta RDI-3229 20ug 5ug antibodies
MIP-4 (PARC) RDI-3034 10ug 2ug antibodies
MIP-5 RDI-3043 25ug 5ug antibodies
Myostatin RDI-1200 10ug 2ug  
NAP-2 RDI-3014 10ug 2ug  
Neuturin RDI-4511 20ug 2ug antibodies
NGF-Beta RDI-4501 20ug 5ug antibodies
Noggin RDI-1210 20ug 5ug  
NP-1 RDI-3142 20ug 5ug  
NT-1 RDI-4518 10ug 2ug  
NT-3 RDI-453 10ug 2ug antibodies
NT-4 RDI-4504 10ug 2ug antibodies
Oncostatin M RDI-310 10ug 2ug antibodies
Osteoprotegerin RDI-4514 50ug 10ug  
Otoraplin RDI-1303 20ug 5ug  
PDGF-AA RDI-113a 10ug 2ug antibodies
PDGF-AB RDI-1000 10ug 2ug antibodies
PDGF-BB RDI-114b 10ug 2ug antibodies
Persephin RDI-4512 10ug 2ug  
PF-4 RDI-3015 20ug 5ug  
Pleiotrophin RDI-4515 20ug 5ug  
PLGF-1 RDI-1006 25ug 5ug antibodies
PLGF-1/HIS RDI-300-017 20ug/$750.00*    
PLGF-2 RDI-300-019  5ug/$312.00* N/A  
PTHrP RDI-1009 50ug 5ug  
Prokineticin-2 RDI-1046 20ug 5ug  
Prolactin RDI-1007 50ug 10ug  
s-RankL RDI-3001 10ug 2ug antibodies
sRank receptor RDI-3108 100ug 20ug  
Rantes RDI-306 20ug 5ug antibodies
Relm-beta RDI-4522 25ug 5ug antibodies
Resistin RDI-4519 25ug 5ug antibodies
APO-SAA RDI-3013 50ug N/A  
SCF RDI-307 10ug 2ug antibodies
SCGF-alpha RDI-1022a 10ug 2ug  
SCGF-Beta RDI-1022B 10ug 2ug  
SDF-1 alpha RDI-3028 10ug 2ug antibodies
SDF-1 Beta RDI-3029 10ug 2ug antibodies
Superoxide dismutase antibodies
TARC RDI-3035 20ug 5ug antibodies
TECK RDI-3045 20ug 5ug antibodies
TGF-Alpha RDI-116A 100ug 20ug antibodies
TGF-Beta1 RDI-1021R 5ug N/A antibodies
TGF-Beta 2 RDI-1035 5ug    
TGF-Beta 3 RDI-1036 5ug N/A antibodies
sTIE-1/fc chimera RDI-SFC011 100ug/$440.00*    
sTIE-2/fc chimera RDI-SFC013 100ug/$440.00*    
TL-1A RDI-3123 5ug    
TNF-Alpha RDI-301 50ug 10ug antibodies
TNF-Beta RDI-301B 20ug 5ug antibodies
TNF-BETA (insect) RDI-301BH 20ug 5ug  
sTNF-receptor I RDI-3107 20ug 5ug  
sTNF-receptor II RDI-3112 20ug 5ug  
TPO (thrombopoietin) RDI-3018 10ug 2ug antibodies
STrail-receptor 1 RDI-3118 50ug 10ug  
sTrail receptor 2 RDI-3119 50ug 10ug   
Trail/Apo2L RDI-3104 50ug 10ug  
Trefoil Factor 2 RDI-3059 20ug 5ug  
TSLP RDI-3062 10ug 2ug  
Tweak RDI-3106 10ug 2ug antibodies
Tweak Receptor RDI-3121 25ug 5ug  
Tyrosinase RDI-PRO9346 5ug/$562.00   antibodies
VEGF RDI-1020 10ug 2ug antibodies
VEGF 121 RDI-1020A 10ug 2ug  
VEGF 121 RDI-300-031 5ug/$312.00 --  
VEGF-C 152s (rat) RDI-R20-016 5ug/$250.00*    
VEGF-E RDI-300-044 5ug/$312.00*  
EG-VEGF RDI-1044 10ug 2ug  
soluble VEGFR1 + 2        
VEGF Receptors Chimeras        
sVEGFR1 (D1-5) RDI-S01012 20ug/$315.00 *    
sVEGFR1 (D1-6) -backorder 20ug/$312.00 *    
sVEGFR2/fc chimera RDI-S01005 50ug/$500.00 *    
sVEGFR2 (sKdr) D1-7 RDI-S01002 50ug/$500.00 *     
sFLT-4/fc chimera RDI-SFC009 50ug/$375.00 *    
WISP-1 RDI-1218 20ug 5ug  
WISP-3 RDI-1220 20ug 5ug  
Wnt-1 RDI-1217 10ug 2ug   
Name cat# standard package

size $231.00



indicated *

Mini-Pack (-P)



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