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Cytokine Elispot Kits

cat#RDI-M2536clb   Human Granzyme B  $750.00

cat#RDI-M2533clb   Human IFN-gamma   $500.00

cat#RDI-M2514clb   Human IL-4               $500.00

Cytokine Pelispot Antibody pairs   NEW  $375.00/set  

cat#RDI-M9433clb  Human IFN-gamma

cat#RDI-M9414clb  Human IL-4

cat#RDI-M9410clb  Human Il-10

cat#RDI-M9413clb   Human IL-13

cat#RDI-M9515clb   MOUSE IL-5

Cytokine ELISA COMPACT & Full Cytokine KITs:

  -For a partial list of papers and references using the CLB kits, Click here!  

-for those labs that want to make their own bulk assays or ELIPSOT Protocols see the new Pelipairs! (tm)


     (288 wells=3 Plates/kit)      

-for in vitro research use only-not for use in diagnostics

 -$500.00/kit            $469.00/kit 5-9 kits            $438.00/kit 10 or more  

         -any combination of kits, Compact kits feature the following:


               -absolute control on highly sensitive and specific quantification of human cytokines

               -different matrices can be measured in the same test run using only one standard curve

               -an easy to follow assay protocol included (not just a reagent pack, full instructions!)

               -all essential components in sufficient quantities provided including:

                 * coating antibody                               * blocking agent

                 * biotin-labeled detecting antibody       * Poly-HRP-labelled streptavidin

                 * standard (standardized to WHO/NIBSC/NIH when available)

                 * dilution buffer (high performance Elisa buffer)

                 * 3 microtiter plates (288 wells)

Do Not waste time or money creating your own assay. Pelikine-compacttm offers the convenience of an optimized assay with the economics of a do it yourself system.  Also available: The Pelikine Tool Set contains the other buffers (tablets), substrate and stop solution not supplied with the compact. Sufficient reagents are providied for 1 full compact kit (288 wells).Also see our Ready To Use TMB to complement these compact kits.

Features of current Pelikine-compact(tm) Kits (all sufficient for 288 wells) Click on name to access sample protocols!

TYPE      CAT#                  Sensitivity*      Std range            Assay time             Sample sample type/ dilution

IL-1Beta  RDI-M1934clb     0.8pg/ml          0.4-300pg/ml     overnight coating     100ul serum, plasma  1:2

                                                                                             + 4 hour assay          culture fluid

IL-4         RDI-M1914clb     0.2pg/ml        0.6-450pg/ml     overnight coating     100ul plasma, serum, 1:2

                 new WHO std 7/96                                             4 hours assay          culture fluid, urine

IL-6        RDI-M1916clb       0.2 pg/ml      0.6-450 pg/ml    overnight coating      100ul plasma, serum, 1:2

              new standardization 1/96                                        + 4 hours assay         culture fluid, urine

IL-8        RDI-M1918clb       1 pg/ml         1-240 pg/ml       overnight coating      100ul plasma, serum, 1:2

                                                                                            + 4 hours assay        culture fluid, urine

IL-10      RDI-M1910clb      1 pg/ml          1-300pg/ml        overnight coating       100ul plasma, serum 1:3

               NEW!                                                                  + 4 hours assay          culture fluid

IL-13      RDI-M1913clb      1.5 pg/ml       0.5-125 pg/ml    overnight coating        100ul plasma, serum 1:4

              **NEW**           1ng=1 WHO unit                      + 4 hours assay            culture fluid

TNF-A   RDI-M1923clb      1-3 pg/ml      1-1000 pg/ml    overnight coating         100ul plasma, serum, 1:5

                new protocol 7/95                                                 + 4 hours assay          culture fluid, urine

sCD27      RDI-M1960clb      1 UNIT/ml     1-100 Units/ml      overnight coating    100ul plasma, serum, 1:10

 see press release on sCD27                                                      + 4 hours assay         culture fluid, urine

IFN-G      RDI-M1933clb      1-2 pg/ml        2.5-1800 pg/ml    overnight coating    100ul plasma,serum

                                                                                              + 4 hour assay           culture fluid

sIL-6R     RDI-M1926clb      3  pg/ml       10-2500 pg/ml     overnight coating    100ul plasma,serum  1:200

                                                                                                 + 4 hour assay          culture fluid

*sensitivity defined as mean zero signal + 3 SD


CAT# RDI-M0100clb   96 wells     PRICE: $688.00  

-For the Quantitative Determination of Recombinant and Natrual Occurring Human Soluble Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-1 (s-VEGFR-1) in cell culture supernatants and complex biological fluids

 sVEGFR-1 Elisa,    SVEGFR-1(free fraction) Elisa, & VEGF (receptor based Elisa)

For Research Use Only-Not for use in diagnostics Procedures



- all components to perform the assay provided

- an easy to follow protocol included with each kit

- high sensitivity, high specificity

- low intra- and inter assay variation

Discount: 10% on 3 or more any combination/type of kit

Features of current Pelikine-tm Kits

TYPE         CAT#                   #Tests/kit        Sensitivity*      Std range      Assay time      Sample        sample type/ dilution

IL-4             RDI-M1904clb      96                      0.2pg/ml        0.5-65 pg/ml     3 hours         100ul             plasma, serum, 1:3

($562.00)                                                                                                                                                               culture fluid

IL-6            RDI-M1906clb       96                     0.3pg/ml        0.3-80 pg/ml      4 hours         100ul             plasma, 1:2

($562.00)                                                                                                                                                              culture fluid,

TNF-A     RDI-M1920clb        96                        1 pg/ml            1-1000 pg/ml    4 hours          50ul            plasma, serum, 1:2

($562.00)                                                                                                                                                             culture fluid, urine

IFN-G      RDI-M1921clb         96                        2 pg/ml           2-1800pg/ml    4.5 hours        50uL          Plasma, serum (neat)

($562.00)                                                                                                                                                            culture fluid

For In Vitro Research Use Only-Not for use in Diagnostics

NEW: Anti-Human Interferon Alpha Elisa Kit

           Anti-Human Interferon Beta Elisa Kit  

           Anti-mouse Interferon Beta Elisa

           Anti-Mouse Interferon Gamma Elisa Kit

           Anti-mouse Interferon alpha Elisa (email for insert) o

           Anti-Rat Interferon Gamma Elisa Kit

-for those labs that want to make their own bulk assays, see the new Pelipairs! (tm)

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